Friday, September 30, 2011

Pawpaw and me in the Sunchoke Patch... and Friends

This morning started with some biscuits and scrambled eggs and eating with my sweetie then continued to the garden where lots of treasures were harvested. We started in the cotton patch where I harvested lovely cotton heads from seed I planted in the early spring. The seed came form Miss Candice who had grown this variety for the past three years. 

Unopened Nankeen cotton 
And here's what it looks like when you harvest it.

Then we moved over to the sunchoke patch where some friends came to observe the findings.
Butternut just making sure I'm digging right
And Frannie just making sure I hadn't found a rabbit or something of the sorts 
Here they are... the marvelous sunchokes. Kelsey and I planted these in the spring and watched them get taller and taller and taller and then produce the loveliest little yellow flowers. The sunchokes originally  came from our friend Felicja's brothers farm in New Mexico. 
The Harvest
As seen by Frannie

Books to Read: Miss Rumphius by: Barbara Cooney (1st recommended by my lovely sister in law Ann)
Music to listen to: Miss Laura Candler playing the fiddle at ladies night or singing by the fire light

-Love Ashley


  1. Good job Franny. That's a heck o' a lot of sunchokes!

  2. Lovely. And a lovely basket. What will you do with all those sunchokes?

    I'm tickled you like my music!