Monday, September 12, 2011

a doll for Lyrah

Trae's little niece turned the ripe old age of two last weekend. This is what I made.

Trae made the dress so we could say it was from both of us.
And then the doll tried to eat him:
But he got away. We didn't tell Lyrah about that. I think she likes it.

Sing: "The House that Jack Built" by Moira Smiley
Read: "Waterland" by Graham Swift (this is a neat novel I just started. It's like a fairytale. If you'd like to believe in fairytales but aren't sure if you can, this might be a good book for you.  little warning: I don't know how it ends. It might not be happy. But the dreamlike beginning is promising.)


  1. Nice dress Trae. And nice doll. I am a little worried about her aggression- maybe it's because she's a red head?

  2. Cute doll. I love the heart on her chest. Hopefully shes cooled down a bit.

  3. Elf and Moss here, just hanging out in NYC-- and we ain't seen any dolls as good lookin' as that here. Really! My favorite bit is the nose. Daisy says that Trae should make more clothes for the doll- apparently an entire wardrobe is in order. Does she have a name yet??

    well well done, LVC-- maybe you'll encourage us to venture into the realm of dollmaking (we just learned yesterday that FIT has one of the few toy design programs in the USA- wanna come on up??)

    Love Love! (bellyfull o noodles)

  4. Yes! Yesssssss! Want to come on up. Really want to come on up.

    So tickled to read your nice comments from allaway up there. Please have lots of fun for us, take some pictures, and then tell us all about it.

    No name yet. I'll ask her next time I see her. Daisy, YOU should tell Trae to make her more clothes. As a witness to said attack, I'm not going to try and push anything on him (although I think it's a great idea.)

    Have such fun, you wonderful two!