Wednesday, September 21, 2011

ms. moss and ms. elf take on the city

Hi Ladies! I know that this doesn't count as something either of us made, but Daisy and I traipsed all about ny ny and thought of you all the while. And I thought I'd post some pictures, so to convince you allll to come on up (post-january) for a ladies night (or week) in the city.


 Can you believe this??? Mood Fabric store: 2 floors of thousands of rolls of fabric. This is just the tiniest slice of the jersey section. Daisy bought some of the purple she's holding, and some lovely gray. I was too overwhelmed (and happy) to do anything but wander around wide-eyed.

 Daisy on the ferry! to Staten Island- sunshine and tugboats and city views.

 Ann- look at these ancient beads at the Met! (sorry for the dreadful picture) I can't remember what era or civilization they're from (eeps). I'll check back for you come winter. But I thought you'd enjoy them, even on brown carpet.

Daisy at an outdoor sound installation that Laura, you were made to have seen. Original composition that became a soundtrack for the city from afar.

Happy (smelly) feet at a pier in Brooklyn.

and I'm leaving all the foodstuffs to your imagination. Cause the camera could not capture them all...

Everyone should start a penny jar for fabric and notions...
Urban love from Daisy and Elf


  1. Finally! I've been waiting for a post from the big city. Yall certainly make it look like fun. I'm a little worried though about how short Daisy has gotten. She can barely fit under than huge balloon.

    The beads look fabulous, I'm already stealing ideas.

  2. Well that was convincing enough to make a trip with the ladies to the big city. Can't wait..

  3. Oh my my my. D & E, you make it sound like a storybook. Ann, maybe you could write a storybook about it: Daisy & Elf in The Big City...illustrated by Ann, sewn together by Ms Elf herself.

    Yep, I'm persuaded.