Thursday, September 15, 2011

A Onesie for the little'un to be

While away visiting family my mother gave me some sweet clothes that use to be my dads when he was a baby. In the pile were a couple of onesies that inspired me to make one for my little one on the way...
Thanks to Miss Elf I had the loveliest screen print to applique onto the onesie

Some hand stitching on the sleeves that were too tiny to sew with my machine
- Ashley
Book to Read: Horton hears a Who! by Dr. Seuss
Music to listen to: Good in the Kitchen by Bearfoot


  1. oh my! what a sweet little thing- I think I'm actually imagining the sweet little one to fill it for the first time. (!!!) I want one, too. A onesie, not a little one just yet. And I think Daisy would look really really good in a onesie, too. Daisy just asked if you sewed the bottom part together. Like a sack. I told her probably not.

  2. Oh my, me too. I'm imagining little baby arms that are chubby and tiny at the same time, tiny enough to fit through those beautiful sleeves! Ashley, it's inside you! It's alive! It's coming!

    How wonderful. Thanks for sharing this.

    I like that you are already reading Dr. Seuss.

  3. Elspeth and Daisy I think you both would look mighty cute in a onesie. Maybe I'll have to figure that one out. I didn't sew that bottom together, I thought about doing a draw string so you could close it up but I didn't.. I know yall are having so much fun in the big city wish I was there.. And I am so looking forward to squeezing on those little chubby arms and reading lots of books to the baby..

  4.'re going to have to give me some of them onzies. I have quite a large stack of babyable fabrics from Miss Elf and they have all been promised to the world of babies. Can you just wrap a bunch of fabric around a tea cup and cut it out? That's kinda how I made my dress I wore to your wedding....except I'm a little bigger than a tea cup.

  5. I think wrapping some fabric around a tea cup would be a good start towards baby attire. Now I know your dress making secret. Some onesies are on the way...