Tuesday, October 25, 2011

O, Just a Little Project I've Been Working on....ForEVER

I'm not even quite totally done (still have some buttons and buttonholes to do), but,  here it is, as I promised to you- Miss Elf and Ashley.

My brand new duvet cover.  After all that work I feel I should call it a duvet instead of comforter....

It was so much fabric!  I started out with the brilliant idea (I thought I was getting over on somethin') of making a quilt-top but without the quilting, kind of a cheaters way of having nice bright colors without all the work....yeah right.  I now know that I will never ever make a quilt.  At least not one as big as that.  I had to carry it draped over my head just to move it around.

So, without knowing what I was doing (Foxfire wasn't very much help this time around).  I made four squares out of triangles, which I now know I didn't have to do (although I'm not sure if I could have made those Tennessee shapes without starting with squares cut in half anyway).  That takes some serious math and Moss skills- neither of which I have.  Plus, I only had a free Bank of TN yardstick and a Sharpie.  I made a few mistakes, but, as you may have noticed (and I just reminded you), I'm not Daisy.  So I just left them.  I figure by the time PawPaw is old enough to inherit it, it will be in rags.  Or hopefully I will have made something better.  By the time I was done with those four squares (a few days- round the clock.  I just drank Velo coffee by the gallon), I decided to move on to much larger pieces of fabric.

It's even reversible, although I might need to make sure that hot red line down the middle of the bed isn't bad luck for a couple sleeping under the covers.  I'll ask Daisy.  Or that's just the guest-bed side, where you don't have time for bad luck to catch up with you.....

To read: Salt: A World History by Mark Kurlansky
To hear: Ambulance Blues by Neil Young

Love, Ann


  1. Ann your duvet is marvelous. Your creativity just keeps expanding and it makes me so happy. I am sure every time you walk into your bedroom you get a smile on your face looking at your lovely duvet, I sure would. I love the quilt patterns. PawPaw will be one lucky duck.

  2. oh! I want to be guest bedded under that beauty, even the red-striped side. Man, I don't ever want to make a quilt ever, either-- and I only tried one square of triangles, which didn't turn out very square at all. So I am SO impressed with your undertaking. I can't see a single mistake, which makes me a little disappointed. You'll have to point them out in person. Now I regret that I told you not to bring bedding to New Orleans...

    No kidding about the ever expanding talents... how proud we get to be to call you our own.

    ALSO- my mom just saw the photo header on the blog, and gasped at the perfect biscuits. 'Who MADE those??' she wanted to know. Very Impressed by their puffiness and delectable looks. Miss Ashley, was I right in deeming you the grand biscuit maker (and biscuit-warmer-maker) in the sky?

    Can't wait to be enjoying biscuits and duvets with the likes o' you... so soon!

  3. I made those biscuits- probably the only good ones of my entire life. Ashley did make the warmer though- for me.

    Look at the square on the bottom right corner....