Wednesday, January 4, 2012

My First Baby Shower

I am trying to smile but the sun is a blaring in my eyes...
This is for Candice who has been asking to see my pregnant belly. Here it is.

The Milk Cows and I are due at the same time

I wanted to share some photos of some of the lovely handmade gifts that were given for Kelsey and my little one to be. There were many many wonderful gifts but here I will share a few of them. 

A Lovely Trivet from Mrs. Daisy... She says this is to be used when I start making meals for PawPaw
I'm so excited to finally have one of her beautiful handmade trivets. 

An Incredible play quilt in the making from Miss Elspeth. This is her 1st quilt and oh my it is absolutely amazing. It's going to be so stimulating for the little one to gaze upon.

Another quilt made by Mika and her mother in law Granny. This is one where you have you find the pictures and name what they are. That will be a lot of fun.

The prettiest diaper bag I have ever seen made by Miss Laura. The inside is the patterns of the strap with a pocket on the inside. I am so excited to be carrying this around filled with little things. 

The cutest baby hat knitted by Beth Austin. In no time there will be a little head kept warm with this wonderful hat.

And here is the cherry crib that Miriam and Bill bought for us and in it is a quilt that my Gramie made for the baby and a handmade pillow case made by Suzie Millard. 

And the mobile that hangs above it made by Carroll. The branch is dogwood and many little bright cranes hang from its branches. It's an incredible mobile that I love staring at.

And the most adorable little booties I have ever seen. Miss Jennie B. made these and it is hard to imagine anything cuter being on my baby's little feet. 
The Parents to Be

...... And more pictures to come 
-Love Ashley

Music to Listen to: Mozart (Emily gave us a couple cd's to listen to she says it's good for the baby)


  1. One lucky babe there! Such a beautiful mama and such beautiful things.

  2. Oh, how dear this post is! bookended by a beautiful mama and mereandpere. I can't wait to see a family foto of the three of you...