Friday, January 13, 2012

Ann Keener is Officially a Grown-Up

Forget the business I'm about to start...  I have a guest bed!  I already had a chest freezer, which is pretty grown-up, but come on, a guest bed? Now that's something.  O yeah, and I'm about to be an Aunt.

Anyway, of course I had to make a Guest Bed Spread so here it is:

Elspeth, you may recognize the red fabric.  I got it from you.

I just cut that into pieces and sewed it, as well as a real pretty scarf that
Mike's mom gave me, onto an old sheet, plus I added extensions on the sides.  So it's double layered, but, yet again, not quite a quilt (whew!).  It's not really that sophisticated, but it did leave some nice (if sloppily sewn) patterns on the back.

AND, I've been very diligently working on my Etsy page. Ashley, I finally made some of those bobby pins.  They are going to be a staple at the next Delectable Spectacle . Tell all your friends and relations.

Love from,
               - Ann Middle

To listen to:  A very old Radio Lab podcast from 2009 called "New Normal?", especially the middle part.  It made me cry a little in the middle of piecing together the bedspread.  In a good way.


  1. Hurrah! what a spread- what an Adult. I kinda like camping out on the couch, but I suppose I can accept you being both a Business Owner and Officially Official Grown Up. Your bedspread part two is a really nice sequel, and your etsy page is looking quite nice, and your bobby pins are way too cheap...

  2. Glad you finally made some lovely bobby pins and I knew that you would say they were too cheap Elspeth. I really like the new bed spread, the colors are so nice together. Can't wait to see it up close, guess your going to have to have us over sometime.

  3. Oh, lovely, Ann! I like that you are listening to radiolab while you sew. I hope the tears did not hinder your spread - doesn't look like they did!