Monday, December 12, 2011

The Delectable Spectacle!

As Moss would say, it was just like a story book; with a happy ending

readying the mustard troops

Carroll's books and earrings, plus some jewelry
from Ariel J

Keener Breakfast Kit, One of Ashley's biscuit warmers, with other biscuit
 enhancers included

The Talented Jessie B
The Also Talented Anderson Bailey

Cece's Soap!  Carroll's Terrariums! Eric's Iron Work!  

Laura's books make even an ironing board look fabulous

Miss Elf's headbands on Moss' red rack

Mary Beth!  house boxes and books too.  Plus Prentice glasses
and Buggey button trees

Richard's wood coasters, sweetly labeled (even in Latin)
Plus Landon's paintings and also Jessie's hats

1 comment:

  1. Thank you wonderful ladies (and gents) who made all this possible, especially Ann and Mike who were happy hosts, Ms. Elf the lovely decorator and cheerful mood picker upper, and the astute math wizzes behind all the money counting! Delectable, indeed!