Tuesday, August 9, 2011

a'sewin away

Well, I've not been to a ladies night in a while, but projects abound nonetheless. Thought I'd share a few tidbits. Ms. Ashley gave me the idea with her pretty pink skirt, so I made a wrap-around kind of similar, and the bits of color in the ties are scraps from Ms. Elspeth.  And while the sewing machine, I should admit, belongs to Mr. Moore, we went rummaging in the WORLD'S LONGEST YARD SALE on Saturday and I found myself a nice old clunker of a Singer, which will hopefully yield many more beloved garments and whatnot.

In keeping with Ms. Ann's ending--

Book to Read: "Singing Family of the Cumberlands"

Music to Hear: "Ida Red" (fiddle tune) & "Across the Blue Mountains" (ballad)


  1. so happy you posted your skirt... the embellishments are just lovely, can't wait to see the skirt

  2. What a nice ending I've started. Thanks for the suggestions. Of course the skirt details look wonderful- can't wait to see it either