Thursday, August 11, 2011

While Yall Were Out

Sorry to top this on lovely Laura's post so quickly. If I had done it when I intended to lovely Laura's would have been atop mine.  But alas, I'm running behind.  I didn't even take the photos, our lovely hostess-of-the-night Laurie Vaughen took them all.  She is pictured below with my flinching father.

Last weekend there was a dinner featuring Elspeth's beautiful tea towels (over which there were a few small brawls about who got to take home what; one is brewing in the background of the photo above) and several other nicely made items (such as pottery from the amazing Anderson Bailey).  Jennie helped me (a lot) and Beth A., Daisy, and Ashley were sweet enough to be paying customers to broke-ol-me.  The rest of you....well.... I guess there's a next time.  Here's the menu and a couple recipes on my little own blog

Lounging Ladies

Anderson's beaUtiful vase

That's all for now.... I s'pose.  Elspeth- I've got it figured out.  If you don't know what to do when someone wants to take your picture, just pose with a half-gallon jar of grits.  Then at least you don't have to pretend you're normal.

No movies, books or songs to report.  Visit Laura's post below for those....


  1. oh-so loverly. Hope to attend the next one!

  2. what a face! what grits! what a trick-- I never thought of letting them know from the start that I was nuts...