Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Tea Parties, They're Just What They Used to Be

Last week's ladies gathering was at Beth's house, on a refreshingly overcast Saturday afternoon.  The morning started stormy for us all.  Laura had to compost her lemon basil cookies, I had to toss out some strange bean dip and rice flour pancakes that looked more like smashed potatoes on top of pink playdo disks.  And Ashley was feeling rather poorly....

But into cars we piled none-the-less, dressed in our fancy dresses and donning Sund'y hats, with whatever impromptu food we could come up with.  And up the mountain we rolled.

When we arrived the air was cool, the birds were singing, and the flowers were blooming around Beth's sweet lovely log cabin tucked amongst the Big Leaf Magnolias and a nice old oak.  Ashley threw down her quilts and we set up a table, upon which went:

Cumberland cheese, latkas with tomato chutney, scones, cucumber and handmade cream cheese sandwiches (of the very small sort), pound cake and blueberries, pasta salad with red ripe tomatoes, hibiscus tea, lemon balm tea, almond cookies, gorgeous pickled beans, and wee little cherry tomatoes.

Hair braiding, portrait taking, story telling, eating, laughing, and much lying about followed.  We learned why one Beth wouldn't eat Orange Sherbet for 15 years, and about the book the other Beth was reading.  I think I actually remember it's called Far Away and Long Ago, and that it is beautiful and will change your life (in a most wonderful way).

I literally split my sides laughing (of my dress at least) and Elspeth practiced her photo-taking skills with Shane's camera, which we all had turns looking through at our topsy, turvy, backwards world.   And all too soon we had to return off the mountain, back to our lowland homes with their heat and humidity; but with a smile on our lips and a sweet song in our mouths.

And that's what it's all about.


PS- Other Things To Remember:

Books to Read: My Family and Other Animals -and- Birds, Beasts and Relatives by Gerald Durrell
                        Far Away and Long Ago by W H Hudson

Movie to Watch: Paper Moon

And: If you are ever ten-years-old again and your mother tells you you can eat as much orange sherbet as you want; don't. You'll regret it if you do.


  1. OH-so-well-captured, Ann. Its as if I were there. Again, I mean.

    Ashley, you make a lovely poorly-feelin-girl, and Ann, the last photo (which I think I'll claim to have taken) looks like you haven't split your dress yet. What posture! How temporary!

    Croquet is still to be played... Next month?

  2. Yes I agree.. very nicely done Ann.. You have such a good way of capturing sweet moments..
    Looking forward to doing it again next month and definitely with a game or two of croquet.

  3. Mmm hmm. Can't wait for the next lovely tea. Thanks for all the photographs and the story, Ann. I like the book and movie recommendations.