Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Letters to Everyone

 Hey y'all,

Are you there? Is anybody out there? Does this echo? (echo, echo, echo...)

I thought I'd write y'all a little letter in my free time tonight. I am so glad we have this space (even though we may only visit occasionally). So I want to say how lovely it is that I know everyone reading this. You! Let's start with up north. Elspeth. You have disappeared from physical life but it makes little glimpses of you all the sweeter. Like a sweet note in the mail, or news over email. I love that you are chasing your dreams and living in the big ol' city. I admire your courage. Whenever I see beautiful script or garlands or a hundred other things, I think of you.

Ashley. Sweet Sequatchie Ashley. I think about you a lot because even though I'm in North Carolina, I eat Cumberland cheese (which is easy to find here!) and I think about the hands that milked those cows and the wonderful place they live. You moving out there to start a family and devote your life to what you love is inspiring. I miss your handiwork. Your baskets and threads. I hope that you and your adorable family are well and that your house is coming along! Also, is the little one walking yet? He must be so big now! And y'all have been parents for a whole year!!

Ann, I just wrote you some comments about your wedding photos. I love them. Before I left, Mike gave me a tour of y'all's restaurant-to-be, and suddenly, being there in that space, I was filled with awe for the vision you have. You are starting a business! Doing something you are passionate about. And you have such great support for it because people really believe in you, and that says a lot. Also, I miss saying hello at the market. It's market day today...hello!

And Daisy! We just spoke on the phone, and it was so nice. You would love the pine trees here. So many tall trees, and the colors are great. The sky is very blue, the puddles silvery, and the sunsets are golden. If you ever come, you should bring your sketchbook. I hope you find somebody great to sell your piano to. If I had a gazillion bucks lying around, I would buy it right away. I miss your good cooking. You know that sandwich you made me right before I left? Well, I've made it a few times here it was so good.

So, I think that's all, am I leaving anybody out? I hope not. You guys are welcome to visit if you get the hankering. I've been playing a lot of fiddle out here because there are old time jams practically every night of the week. Between that and reading and talking to Trae, that's what I do over here! (aside from work). I hope I haven't bored you with such a long letter.  Please pick up the phone and call anytime. I miss you lovely lovely ladies.


Trae & I took this photo in Asheville a few weeks ago.
When my cousin saw it, she asked me if we got engaged! Not yet, I told her...


  1. Oh Laura, it was so sweet to get your letter. You've been on my mind and I've been wanting to write you lately. Sure sounds like you are having a good time in North Carolina. I forgot where abouts it is you're staying. Have you started flat footing yet? Gosh I would looove to learn how. Fletcher is getting so big, he turned one on the 12th and started walking that day! He's good at pulling himself up and walking and still figuring out how to stand up on his own. He's pointing at everything wanting to know what things are. I wish you could see him. I sing him songs from your book everyday and he loves them. You look so beautiful in that picture of you and Trae. And what is that about not yet....?:) Take care Laura.

  2. Heeeyy Laura! What a wonderful cyber-letter! I would like to know what kind of sandwich Daisy made you.

    It is because of support like yours' and everyone else's that I'm even doing what I'm doing. It also keeps me positive, and not sunk in a pit of complete terror over stepping out into the unknown.

    There is a picture Mike took of us right before our 5 day "engagement", it is actually very similar to yours', except that Lookout Valley is in the background. Mike looks very nice and happy, while I look happy and a little sick

  3. Haha, I'd like to see the picture. The Daisy sandwich looks like this:

    Delicious piece of bread
    Shan's hot sauce
    big slices of sauteed mushroom
    (cheese? I can't remember if there was cheese. It would be excellent with cheese!)
    Delicious piece of bread

    Maybe you could make it at your restaurant and call it the Daisy Sandwich! (Another suggestion among many you probably get every day.) If I'm around when the restaurant opens and I have a good job that gives me money, I'm going to go there all the time. Actually, I'll probably go there all the even if I don't have money. I can't wait.

  4. Hey Ashley,
    I haven't started flat footing yet - but I think there's a class coming up in the spring. I can't wait! We should do it together. I know you'd be so good at it.
    That's so exciting to hear about Fletcher! He must be so big! Let's talk soon! I'll be in Chattanooga March 8th for the fiddle convention at Lindsay Hall. Are y'all going? It's all day long. Fletcher might love it! There will be ballad-singing! Here's the website

  5. Laura!

    What a lovely cyber letter! It sounds and looks like you're in just the right place- fiddlin and radioin and notquiteengaged (yet). I keep bragging about my radio pal... and have been listening to zillions of podcasts lately, which always make me think of you (the GOOD ones, at least) Do you ever listen to 'Things you missed in history class?' .

    I know you're missing that good looking farmer at hand, but I hope you've been enjoying sweet monthly meetings and sweeter still letters. I'm so glad you're broadcasting from that part of the world...

    I will write a longer response echo letter soon! Shane an I have plans to buy a camera this weekend, so I'll be freshly full of cityshots to accompany an update....

    much love to you!!