Tuesday, June 11, 2013

A Glimpse

This morning the boys slept in. I got to take a desperately needed shower, start the coffee, and brush my teeth before the littlest one woke. I knew he had awoke from the banging of his wooden turtle and airplane landing on the floor. I came in and he was wowing over Elspeth's quilt hanging on the wall. Then he moved on to the chicken picture, then to hugging his pig, Kelsey's old teddy bear, and an owl, before jumping in to my arms. I love being a mother and watching my son grow, it is a great pleasure to be apart of something so special. Here are a few clips of our days. 
Kelsey and Fletcher reading 'Mr. Brown can Moo', courtesy of Mrs. Daisy

We've been helping Kelsey move cows and sheep several times a week. We have a new dog name Lilly and we we make it to the pasture Fletcher starts yelling 'Lilly,Lilly,Lilly'

Watering shoes

I made Fletcher a chicken out of an old wool sweater I had, I think the comb is fabric I had gotten from Miss Elf, thanks!

Riding Butternut, his best friend. We're real lucky with how gentle Butternut is with Fletcher, he'll be so rough with her sometimes and she seems to just love the attention.

Outdoor bath time

We've been going on lots of bike rides these days

Taking a break from helping Papa

We've got a few ewes and their lambs here on the farm 

The house in it's current stage, if you want to see more pictures Kelsey started a blog kelseykeener.blogspot.com and he's been adding some good pics and comments lately.

Hope everyone is well. 


  1. Awwwwwwwwwwwwwww Fletcher! I especially love the one with his mouth open, the one where he's riding Butternut, the one in the bike seat, the one of watering his feet, the one sitting in the tub, and the one where Kelsey is reading to him. Those are my favorites