Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Then We Were Married

Dear Ladies,

Not too long ago/an eternity ago the Love of my Life, the Sugar of my Dreams, the Sweetest Thing I Ever Met, and I snuck off and eloped (which means the same thing, I know).  We had a most professional photographer who goes by the name if Tree Stump, or Car Roof, and sometimes Rope Swing Ladder.  Not one to be tied down to the formalities of names, that one.  Nor was he equipped with the finest of photography instruments.  But we didn't mind, as I'm pretty sure that's not what matters in times like these...

I wore my white dress on my legs...

We drank some champagne 

We got in our first (married) fight

And then we watched the sun go down over Tate lake

And as if that's not enough of a project, I've started another....  Sort of.  

When we got "engaged" I nervously doled out a big acorn hat to Mike, and kept the little one for myself.  Acorn engagement hats.  Mike sweetly carried them, intact, all the way down Lookout Mountain, and I decided to make heads to go under them...

Mike has an atomically correct body attached to his, but I have yet to make my own...   After I made the faces, I realized I should have made the entire body/head at once.  But I wasn't going to remake the faces.  So now we've got weird neck folds.  Getting us ready for the distant but wrinkly future...  

One day, maybe, there will be a body on me and I will finally get to make my teeny wedding dress (which I can't promise will be white...)

  -Mrs Ann Middle


  1. Even though I already know, I still want to say CONGRATULATIONS because it feels like a surprise all over again when I read the actual words. Congratulations! Y'all are lovely and wonderful and have a great sense of humor and I especially like the second photo. You had a good photographer.

  2. Also, about photography - I think it's kinda neat that you have only a handful of photos. Think of how special each one is! Instead of having a gazillion pictures of the lace detail on your dress and all your relatives in stiff clothing...

  3. Ann... I finally am able to comment... I just needed to update the computer it seems. Once again you two are a lovely couple and reading your post and getting a glimpse of your sweet time makes me so happy.

  4. if i ever get married again, i like to be eloped also, that's just a great idea, no fuss. but i wont even wear the wedding dress on my legs, i would wear it on the sky. I will learn to drink champagne then i love your photographers, can i hire them ?
    Those acorn dolls are darlings, i just want to tickle them!

  5. Ann!! Too good to be true! I can't believe there are pictures to satisfy our wishes! Thank you for employing various object-photographers to document your runaway love. Now the picture on our fridge makes me grin even wider... rounded out by your clever little words. you and weddin dress legs... man! well, if we couldn't be crammed in the backseat, at least we get to see the trails-- and Mike, with his sweet little elopement haircut. I love you guys. couldn't be happier with two sneakaways (if only you'd had a chance to include a bedsheet rope escape from a high window... next time? or rather- as an anniversary celebration? maybe every year you can runaway for a different week adventure, and employ the same photographers). You certainly make the case for elopement...

    Daisy-- will you comment on everything? It just makes it even better.