Wednesday, December 5, 2012

Christmas decorations

Hello Ladies, near and far! I've been a busy bee trying to add some decor to this ol' house in Highland Park, and I've started with a wreath. At Trae's parents' house in Jasper, I chopped a small cedar down (while Trae watched. big help!) and we're going to use it for our Christmas tree. I've never ever decorated for Christmas before, but now that we're in a house together, it seems like more of an occasion. What are y'all doing for Christmas? Anything big or small?

p.s. - some good listen'ins:
Lay My Burden Down by Caroline Herring; Beasts of the Southern Wild soundtrack

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  1. I was alone for most of the holiday season last year and putting up a tree alone is just not fun-so it didn't happen. But the year before we chopped a branch off the abandoned apartment neighbor's tree and hung snowflakes and other small things on it. The apartments are no longer abandoned and the trees are no longer there- not sure where we'll find one this year, if we do. Can't wait to see what yours' looks like!