Thursday, April 19, 2012

Elspeth's Dinner

'Twas o-so-long-ago but Miss Elf just sent me a few pictures she took (as I took none)- with both black and white and color.

To see the menu go here:

Moss looks lovely smiley holding some pink eggs- in action.  

Miss Elf also looking lovely smiley, a more common occurrence in photos than Moss, but no less beautiful.

Me in my Spring-Time dress, tailored for me by the soon-to-be-world-famous Elf Yiddle-Giddle. 

And Mike and Kalli, the dishwashers, using all Safety Precautions

Love, Ann Middle Tindell


  1. Oh wow, great smiles all around. And pink eggs! Thanks for the little window into the dinner. The menu looks delectable!

  2. oh, it was THE MOST delectable. Just missing a couple important and sweet faces...

  3. Looks like a real sweet time with some good looking folks. I'm sure love these sweet snippets into everyones life!