Thursday, April 19, 2012

cherry trees in bloom

Hullo! i missed you dear ones this weekend, lounging under the frothing cherry trees in the Brooklyn Botanical Garden. It was so easy to imagine the circle of you, sharing champagne and giggles. I was the best dressed (unless you prefer city chic) in a blue bicycle dress that arrived in the mail the day before from Miss Ashley! 

 three of my classmates: Nancy, Clarisse, and Haley- who always look more citywise than me. we painted hearts on our knees (and elsewhere) after a couple bottles of renegade champagne were downed. 

wish a fantastic ann photo was taken of these, which would end up on a card... next year, p'rhaps?

missin' you! in all shades of pink


  1. leaping ladies! How delightfully birthday-ish and spring-full!

  2. yes. I'm imagining you in. How would daisy jump?

  3. You ladies sure look like you're having a grand 'ol time. And Elspeth you look just lovely in that dress with your hair in sweet braids.

  4. Yes, LOVELY dress! What a way to celebrate spring. oh, spring. and happy late birthday!

  5. imagine those other girls in the pic. are us with miss elf , what would happen then ?