Sunday, March 25, 2012

It's about time...

Well, I figured it's about time I say hello. Because I miss y'all so much. And things here are wonderful and cool and full of wool and beautiful sunsets and yummy seafood and fiddle music, and the only thing missing is wonderful ladies to enjoy it all with. So here's a brief rundown of some projects I've done and pictures from here and there.

Before I left, I made this hat. My first one! Yes, it is still hat weather here (around 40 degrees) but we had one day in the 80's last week!

Also before I left, I made this little bag to carry around my books...
and pens!   My mother has the most wonderful old Pfaff sewing machine that belonged to her mother when she was growing up (who sewed lots of clothes for her 12 children!), and mom taught me how to sew on it when I was little. Thanks, mom!

And here's where I live. This is the sunrise, half a block from my house! I live right on the edge of Portland, which has a little peninsula that sticks out into the bay. I love getting up early to watch the sun rise over the islands in the bay. For a few minutes, the world is absolutely beautiful.

And while I've been here, I've been lucky enough to hang out with some pretty interesting folks in order to make radio stories. One story I did was about ice fishing. I spent two days out on this lake with the guy on the left, Rick. He's been an ice fisherman all his life. Here's a pike he caught:
They're really pretty! I'm working on a website to put some of my audio stories up so I can share them with you. The first audio piece I ever made is being published by a local magazine's website this week (it will be here)! And I'm also writing a little bit about my time in Maine on my blog, here.

And finally, I'm missing this guy like crazy, but he's already been to visit once, so I guess life ain't that bad. I miss y'all!  If you get the hankerin to head north, you are all welcome here! Lots o love (and lobstah, as they say it!) from Maine.


p.s. - playing "Say Farmer, Can I Have Your Daughter" - new favorite fiddle tune! and singing "Buffalo Gals" to welcome springtime.
Read: Blood, Bones, and Butter by Gabrielle Hamilton


  1. horray! It looks so nice (and so different) up there! What's all that white stuff?

    Say Farmer, Can I Have Your Daughter? How can I hear that fiddle tune, and who's asking anyway?

    Of course everything you make is beautiful and splendid. I can WAIT to hear the radio stories (although I guess I'll hafta)

  2. oh, the fiddle tune can be heard here:

    along with some good dancin. it's also called "Say Old Man, Can I Have your Daughter?"


  3. Laura. It was so good to read your posting and get a little taste of what you're doing up there. I've been patiently waiting for you and Elspeth to write something. Nice work on the hat, it looks like you've been doing that for a while now, and I sure like that purse. We all send lots of love your way. Oh and congratulations on getting your first audio piece published. Thats fantastic.

  4. Laura!! Oh, so so fine to see the littlebitnortherly land you're in!! I've been swallowed by concrete, but think of you so often- and I always hope you're singing and eating lobster. So-- I couldn't be happier to hear updates that corroborate. I can't wait to listen to your radio piece-- I brag about you time to time, and always expect to hear your voice pop up on my npr stream. Can't wait for the day... I'm in the rush of pre-spring-break work, but then am headed to Chattanooga for a week, in a few days (!!). Where I think I'll be Very Surprised to find you missing. I expect to be looking around every corner... Well, miss you much. Hope to hear your new fiddle tunes soon. Love from not-so-far-south

  5. oh, how lovely to say hello! Thanks for all the kind words from not-so-far-south and from much-further-south! Ashley, I think about your little family so often and your lullaby CD is nearing completion! and Elspeth I just know you're busy doing some beautiful work and I'm always imagining you putting your fine Louisiana zing into that big ol city. Have fun in Chattanooga and give all the ladies a kiss for me! Wonderful to hear from y'all. Let's keep posting!