Sunday, February 19, 2012

More Fletcher, of course

Fletcher with his mama and papa, out in the sun.

Ashley, her dimples, and a little bitty baby

Aunt Ann has a go

Fletcher is introduced to the herd

Love from Auntie Ann


  1. I will myself to bodily transport to those fields... But since my will doesn't seem to be strong enough, I'm about to buy a aeroplane ticket for my spring break at the beginning of april... I can't wait to have a go, myself! that last picture has me melted into a puddle.

  2. Oh, I was secretly hoping for more Fletcher pictures! What a beauty (and beautiful mama and papa, too!). Thanks for sharing photos - I'm afraid I won't get to meet Fletcher until June, but it sure is nice to be able to picture him from here.

    Also, it looks WARM there!

  3. Yes, it's warm here. What, is it cold in Maine?! Laura and Elspeth, we're waiting for the traveler's updates. Post some pictures of pines and taxi cabs!