Thursday, November 10, 2011

We saw the moon...

Over the bayous and live oak trees
That's where we went for Ms. Elspeth to see
We see the moon and the moon sees we
God send Elspeth our love!


  1. I was just about to post my story, but I'll wait a day or two. Your's is so magically beautiful with Daisy playing Mumsie's trees, and the light. Elf and I look like twins.

  2. So glad to see some photos from such a sweet time. The hair do and light does make yall look like twins in that photo Ann. Real nice posting Laura.

  3. Oh Fiddle!(sticks) and kumquats! The eye behind that lens is a special one... I apparently will love all photos of Daisy in the Swamp, and maybe write a children's book on the subject. Her companion will be Nicolas the cat (a text message from Daisy in NYC both requested that I take his portrait when I am back in GC, and informed me that his name is spelled WITHOUT an H). I've been listening endlessly to the Knoxville Girl mix, and pretending you four are hiding in the bathroom. Those two sound creepy together, but are meant sweetly. I will sing to to moon and you tonight! from my loft, wishing that Laura was lullabying us, or that Moss was storytelling.

  4. PostScript-- Ann- we DO look twinlike (helped by the shaft of sunlight piercing your face). Shall we wear each other's clothes to the Delectable Spectacle and trick everyone? I'm Really Good at it. I call the sequined dress...