Friday, November 11, 2011

Fiddle, Yiddle-Giddle, Riddle, Middle, and Vittle

Once upon a time, there were five fine ladies.  Four of them were living tucked between the golden orange plateaus of Tennessee and the fifth, whose name was Yiddle-Giddle was basking by the bayou, spending her days in piles of fabric (and vinyl) scraps, and pining for her four from Tennessee.

So one day, Fiddle, Riddle, Middle, and Vittle all piled into a station wagon, along with a few chips and some sweet pickles, and began the not-so-long drive south.   Stopping only to stretch (among other things).

Pawpaw didn't like that

When they arrived, Yiddle-Giddle was overjoyed, and began to giggle the night away with her Tennessee gals.  She had prepared a great feast of seafood gumbo and delectable drinks, dripping with sweet satsuma nectar.  She also bestowed upon Vittle a Birthday Tablecloth, upon which to place tea vittles, and other such things.

In the morning the ladies set out in short skirts and bare legs for a wild day of beignet eating, music video recording, and finally, a game of Charades at the ever-so-fancy Column Hotel.  Middle won, as she is wont to do.

Later that night, Riddle took measurements of the gals,  just so they could know.  Middle, unfortunately, only won the Big Mouth award, as Fiddle was unshakably "Standard", and therefor unbeatable.

They all took it very seriously, especially careful Riddle *who is so
 precise in all things but window washing*

The next day Miss-Elf-Yiddle-Giddle took them to her hometown, where they met her fun, funny, kind, generous, creative parents.  And the cat named Nicholas.  And the Famous Mumsie and her Swamp.

Riddle found herself in awe of the cypress knee families
 and the soaring trees

They picked persimmons of which Yiddle-Giddle, and especially Riddle, were very very proud.

After satsumas, hair braiding, mirlitons, music, po' boys, more giggling, and the Story of the Wind Tree, it was time for the Tennessee girls to go.

But they'll be back, because they love their Yiddle-Giddle so.


  1. Sooo lovely, Ann! I mean, middle. Wonder where they'll go next time...

  2. Oh what a wonderful recapturing Miss Middle. I look forward to hearing of the next adventure!!

  3. OH and how yiddle-giddle loves her iddles. Unspeakably so. She feels like the luckiest girl in all the world to've had a station wagon brimming with brightness pull up and park just a few feet away. And then scurry on to the swamp and the Coteau, and scurry on back... I can't wait for more trips-- Cumberland, and the like. And for PawPaw to be around to have his hair braided, too. I also can't wait to take a train your way, and get a shot of those golden orange plateaus, and Fine Fine Company (I know no place with more fine people in One Spot). Bare Legged Love, Elf Y.G.