Sunday, June 24, 2012

aprons away!

Well, I finished my first (and only) apron! It's been on my mind for a while, seeing all these pretty aprons hanging up in people's kitchens, thinking, Oh! that'd be nice to have...

So here it is, (I think the floral print was from Elspeth's giveaway pile last year):
It's also the first thing I've stitched together all by hand! I was surprised at how fast and satisfying it was to do it that way. I liked how much you can tailor it when stitching by hand, adjusting as you go, without having to worry about pinning it as much.
Now, time to make some biscuits!

reading: Ely by Ely Green

listening to: Ann-Marie Slaughter's interview with Terri Gross, about women in the workplace (check it out here!)


  1. How nice! I love you waistband and the pockets- so shapely! Does it button in the back, or just make a tiny little tie?

    I almost listened to that interview the other day- but now that it's been recommended I'll be sure to.

  2. Thanks, Ann! It ties in the back and buttons around the neck. Hope you're learning lots and having fun in Atlanta.

  3. What a lovely apron. It's so sweet you just need a back and it would be a lovely dress! Glad you're doing some sewing it's inspiring me to start making some little clothes for Fletcher. Went to a fabric store with Ann in Atlanta and got nice light fabric and Ann got him the sweetest little shell buttons. Thanks for posting.

  4. Oh thanks, Ashley. Can't wait to see what nice little things you sew for Fletcher. You'll have to post pictures up here.